Easy Weight Loss With EFT: Secrets of Tapping The Pounds Off

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I had just turned 51 and my doctor and just let me know that menopause was in full swing. And now I was on heavy-duty steroids. A prescription for significant weight gain. I was terrified that I would gain twenty or more pounds. I had just lost a few pounds, and needed to lose about 10 more. So—a challenge. I decided to make this into a test of EFT. What would I do if a client came to me with this concern?

And what might be possible? The story ends on a good note—I lost weight and the steroids and other EFT work did the job of fixing the medical problem. Addressing the Fear First, I addressed all of the fears I had, tapping on every fear and worry I had.

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I used language like this:. Even though my doctor believes I will gain weight…. I addressed all of the fears I had, all of the stories about weight gain with steroids, with menopause, and my fear that this was just a completely impossible situation. I did this many times—not just once.

Tapping into Health: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for Anxiety and Food Cravings - IM Well

Whenever fears came up, I addressed them, throughout the eight months I was on steroids. Addressing the Medical Treatment I then, every day, did a little ritual with my medication. I told my body, while tapping, that these were miracle drugs, and that we could take the miracles and leave the rest…that there was no need to take on any side effects.

But there was one story of a woman who did lose weight while on steroids. The power of suggestion, her example to me, helped lift my sense of hopefulness. The other critically important part of the footwork was to do the calorie calculation needed to lose weight. I stuck rigidly, religiously, slavishly to my nutritional program, which was a low-calorie regime. No exceptions. Buy Now. This is an experimental cutting-edge product by Erika Awakening designed to remove from our subconscious minds some of the many beliefs that contribute to aging.

Learn how to overcome everyone's number one fear: The fear of being powerful. This ultra-powerful program has created quantum leaps for just about everyone who has truly committed to tapping the videos every day. With 30 powerful EFT tapping videos, you'll learn how to:. One of the biggest obstacles to people making more money and designing the lifestyle they really want is overwhelm.

There's a huge to-do list and seemingly no way to get it done.

I was at a health seminar, and somebody recognized me for my tapping work. At this point, I was only using tapping for my anxiety—I still believed there was some magical fruit that burned belly fat or diet that would help my weight.

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I was over the moon to be recognized by this woman, but then she looked me up and down and said, "Oh, you're a lot bigger than I thought. That wasn't the first time someone commented on my weight. Previously, I had a mentor tell me I was fat and that no one would listen to what I had to say until I lost weight. I needed to look at how stress affected my weight.

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Once you began using tapping to help you lose weight, what did you begin to notice? I would eat right before an event, even if I wasn't hungry.

I'd open the kitchen cupboards to eat before heading to the front door to leave. I had a level of nervousness that I thought was normal because I lived with it for so long.

If I wanted to lose weight, I had to look at my relationship with food. I'd constantly snack or, when times got really tough, I'd binge eat. My relationship with food has completely changed. Before, if there was any sugar in a room, the cravings were so intense that it felt like I was having an inner battle in my head for five minutes before allowing myself to eat the treat. I had little self-control.


Now, I'm calm and it doesn't feel like the craving has control over me. It seems like the tapping affects so many aspects of your life—in addition to the number on the scale.

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This is really an overall lifestyle tool. We definitely hear of people making a shift in their body—and that's exciting.

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But I'm excited that tapping is an everyday habit that helps you deal with stress, which impacts every aspect of your physical body.