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Yet with each new number comes change. Some athletes continue to produce amazing performances well into their later years and remain competitive even with other athletes half their age. For example, consider the remarkable accomplishment of Diana Nyad, who in swam from Cuba to Florida— miles and nearly 53 nonstop hours in shark- and jellyfish-infested rough water—at age And Bob Scott, who at age 75 raced in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii to set a new course record of for his age group, a good time even for athletes in their 30s and 40s. She set a new half-marathon world record of for her age category in , demolishing the previous record of Few women half her age can run such a fast time.

You may never swim from Cuba to Florida or break course or world records, but I expect you are capable of achieving far more than you are currently accomplishing.

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How can you do it? How can you be fast after 50? Look at so-and-so, they say.

Stage One: Mimicry

Quit training and competing. Overdoing it is bad for you. No one keeps racing forever. Enjoy the twilight of your life. Interestingly, scientists are still working on that question. Instead, most researcher have chosen to examine only the symptoms of growing older. What we know of all these depressing changes has been based on studies of normal aging people.

Five things I wish I knew when I left school

As an aging athlete, you are still experiencing some markers of aging, but from a smaller subset of symptoms. Nearly all exercise physiology research has found that you can expect certain performance-diminishing changes with advancing age. The symptoms of aging that concern athletes include:. First, exercise keeps you healthy and much younger than what is normal for our society. Moreover, that exercise does not have to be highly intense to foster excellent health and allow you to lead a robust life as you get older. Exercise, regardless of intensity, is powerful medicine when it comes to health.

In other words, the more you exercise, the less likely you are to die early. Quality is at least as important as quantity. We are part of her process, and within that process we have an existence. Also I am a journeyman red seal mechanic and my propose in life is to make a bus go and make a bus stop. Very meaningful. Yeah right. But let me tell you guys about predetermined thought or action to thought or action from religion.

Everybody alive is a product of there environment, their surroundings and there experiences mixed in with a little chemical imbalance. Put all that together and the choices you make are predeturmind by your experience in life hence your surroundings. Life for me now is boring. Everyday is the same. The only real point for me is my family.

Level up in real life!

The next generation. Making them comfortable and happy makes me happy. So in short thought and action is the same brain process as DNA mixing to creat a unique human. And also physically that human will thrive based on its environmental surroundings to physically.

Just like the mind is a product of its inviroment mentally. Eventually as a spieces all will be lost when the sun burns out anyway so in this case is the only question when we bread to create life arnt we just creating more suffering. Or adding to a problem. So their is no point. Honestly who cares. How you are so sure about that?

What is thoughts… Where it comes from? Undermind is there is some point we can not control at all. It just comes itself. And less than a second we beliave that it was our dessicion. But in fact it is not. I have this viewpoint to where I feel that people with kids are more important than those without. That might be a wrong thought, but I find that kids that live without their parents in some way, shape, or form end up with issues as adults. Long story. The world can be so lonely for some people, especially ones who are single.

I struggle with my sense of importance in life and I hope that I will get out of it to be frank. Hey there.. Are you still with us? Hang in there ok.. I guess whatever you are going through isnt that bad? Hey sorry if this annoys anyone cos it sounds cheesy. I for the first 20 years of my life was super depressed and had really bad anxiety even as a child. One day i was very lucky and just snapped out of it.

I started looking outside of me instead of me. I began this love affair with the universe and all it had to offer. I began to take great interest in everything and just out of the blue became very naturally curious. Everything amazed me. Like a film had been removed from my heart and i saw tge world in a whole new light. I had no friends, i was arkward. I felt like a burden to everyone and i wanted to kill myself and then i thought right well you cant go on living like this. Because it was excruciating to be in my mind. And i just completely took the focus off myself and demanded wheres the happiness….

Is it in books? I looked for it everywhere….. Music, tv, a walk in the city…. I seen love everywhere and i was no longer sad that i felt so arkward and lonely and useless that i could never let anyone love me….. I was happy for others, happy for the man who swept the streets, the teenagers who were struggling to find their place in the world.

Happy for the broken ones who one day might be fixed as i had somehow miraculously become, happy for people who found love, had children, happy for those who were still trying to figure it out, happy for all the sadness and horrible feelings id suffered because it grew me amd gave me a freedom and a gratitude that hasnt ever gone away….. I still go to battle with myself….. But when im battling…. Beating up on myself for fuck knows what. When i could be looking around…. For all those who are broken or lonely…. Try finding happiness in your sadness…..

And then look around… Try new things…. Find joy in things all things…… Seek it. You may actually find it. Dont keep looking in the same places….. Dont always look with the same mindset….. Good luck you…. I see you…. I know you…. I am you….. Life is the point of life. That is what we know, or at least what science can offer as an explanation: Everything in nature is energy, and it is impermanent and interdependent. If I die in the human sense , the energy that enabled my physical being manifests itself in nature in some way; be that my body decomposing into the ground and becoming compost that spawns the life of maggots, insects and plants, or my ashes that mesh with the waves of an ocean.

What Is the Point of Life

So perhaps you never really die? We burden ourselves with this judeo-christian-islamic notion that there must be a specific afterlife heaven or hell and one entity God pulling all the strings. Free yourself from that thinking and look around you. Life energy is everywhere. You are one small aspect of that energy. Life itself is most probably a fluke of Nature. We are born we live we die…. God gave his only Son to us to keep us on the straight and narrow.

Perhaps all the pent up energy of a life, goes into powering the Universe and we are each a form of Battery. What a bizarre thought? So, is there a Point to life….

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Bateria is in the air so the conditions needs to be right. Life happens and we are still none the wiser as to what the point of life really is, if at all? Beyond that, we know nothing. Thanks Chris. I am 50 years old. I have been saying that for many years. I believe we are just organisms on a host…like fleas on a dog.

It is very possible that we are a tiny insignificant part of something far greater that is beyond comprehension.

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But this is what we have, what we know, so we might as well make the best of it. Destiny, in my own definition, is 2 paths set for you to take. Also, another possibility is that the point of life is set in your own role, mentioned under the actual website explanation. THAT is the point of life in my oponion. The interactions, the impact, and the continuation you note is the point.

I found this post quite interesting. It brought to light blah blah blah. I really enjoyed this post, because it made me think. The only thing that keeps me from exploring those thoughts with actions, is my addiction to entertainment. Video games and youtube videos have become what anchors me down, and give me purpose in life.

I know I said the boring philosophical stuff was over, but I kind of needed to use a bit of the boring stuff to stick the rest of it in a softer, more yellow light. And just to clarify, no. Thanks for reading if you did.

What is the Point of Life?

But death is part of life, like night is part of day — it is essentially part of the same cycle. As you allude to, being comfortable with death, with the fact that you will die, brings with it a liberation in the now. Once we accept that we were born to die, that every moment is a step closer to that part of life, a weight is lifted off our shoulders; there is freedom in that acceptance and subsequent happiness.

Absolutely Jaz. Thanks for your comments. That feeling is one I believe you can only get from watching someone play a game or enjoy something and you can join the experience, or playing a game with strangers who have no connection to your life, so the things you truly beleive cannot be brought back to your life in the real world. Sure, there are videos and games that make you get pleasure from others suffering, but unless you say something you meant to not be a joke, or said it as a joke and didnt tell the person that, then it is fine since you most likely will never meet the person, and the easiest way to make someone put their fist through a tv, is to comment spitefully on their failure.

That is my opinion on the subject and it is a little draining, but I decided to get everything I believe on the subject out in the open, so I can ge back to studying for midterms and not contemplating suicide. Sorry for writing problems. School sucked for me too. I never felt like I belonged there and I was surviving rather than learning and thriving.

But I realised later in life that the experience equipped me well to deal with difficult people and situations in life. My schooling was an education in life, and I ended up educating myself in things I was interested in when I left. You are a critical thinker and this will enable you to do great things such as helping others find their way through difficult times and helping the world become a more compassionate, fair place.

The point of life can seem bleak at times, but know this: You are unique. There will never be another you. None of us know, but we do know that if there is such a thing as a miracle then that is it. Keep being you. Be positive. Today is the point. Now is the point. You have the power to change this moment for the better. Do it. I like this. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read this and for giving me new perspective on thoughts of death and life and how curiosity and a sense of contentment ties it all together.

I found this post really interesting because there is a powerful transformation in every now moment. Desires are great and they make us have the will to continue living and doing whatever we do so that when they are achieved,one can now feel what they knew that achievement would bring. However before the desires are manifested they are first previewed in our imaginations of a now moment in a particular time. Then from that now moment one either proceeds with the feeling of either getting closer to their dreams or their dreams getting away from them or even living their dreams even at that particular moment and appreciating that they are at a perfect position in alignment with future desires,thus feeling that they are totally living their own perfect happy life that is missing nothing but connected to everything that they could ever want provided they have the chance to get it.

That chance is being at this now moment. The moments after now will always be from now and it is even funny that they will be felt and experienced only by other now moment of that time when they will be achieved. The now moment is what is the I know moment because it is the it is regardless of the way it was or the way it will be.

Just feel it! That is really well put. Correct me if I am wrong, but you seemto not to be able to Be Impersonal Love. Its perfectly ok, to play with mental concepts, but to be able to Witness, in my exoerience required many many years of Loviness, as a state of consciousness. You are a Perfection Reflection of a state of Consciousness and could not be anyother than what you are.. Blessings Ed. Have a great day. I think that this phrase meaning of life implies looking to life from outside.

This is a very philosophical article, because you can endlessly hold a discussion on this topic and not come to a single decision. Thanks for the thoughts. When studying the impermanent and interdependent nature of nature, it would make sense that the cycle continues but simply in a different form.

Hey, which part in particular do you think is clouding the essence of what I am saying? But fundamentally, I always come back to the same point, which is the essence of my post. I agree, we are brainwashed by expectations, and one of the main points of my blog is to get people to stop living on autopilot for a moment and start thinking about their happiness and how it relates to those expectations that they are living under. Culture is a powerful influence and we tend to just follow along. We are educated into our certain culture, and we tend to follow the culture of our parents.

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