Secret Samurai

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The Japanese character is very different to the Western one and this is sometimes misinterpreted in other books but Rutherford has developed her characters very well to show the real differences.

The Secret Samurai

The character of Kenji is written with such authenticity and a deep understanding of the Japanese mind-set. Available as an ebook boxed set. I loved it. The story combines fascinating historical facts about Japan, old and new, of which I had no idea and wrapped it up in not one but TWO love stories! The characters are totally believable and the story is really gripping. Jeffrey Holland, Actor. Book 1: Tangled Lives.


When these four lives intermingle. Book 2: Snakes of Desire. Book 3: Shifting Sands. PvP Best decks [4 July Updated]. Special Duel Event [2 July - 8 July ]. Power of the Guardians Lol This is the most common phrase on this site after s PvP Best decks [4 July Updated] Dark Magician: deck recipe After June. Six Samurai Synchro: deck recipe. Guardian Statue Decks and Ruling.

Sphere Kuriboh Deck and Rulings.

The Secret Samurai

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Secret Samurai

Secret Six Samurai - Hatsume. Cunning of the Six Samurai. Shien's Dojo. Secret Skills of the Six Samurai.

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Shien's Scheme. Swiftstrike Armor. Return of the Six Samurai. Pegasus Lvl Bros Yami Bakura Lvl 40 Gate. Yugi Muto Lvl 40 Gate. Mokuba Kaiba Lvl Bonz Lvl Arkana Lvl 40 Gate. Yami Marik lvl 40 Gate.

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Espa Roba Lvl40 Gate. Tristan Taylor Lvl 40 Gate.

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