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She plans a party for Christmas Eve and everything seems like… Meer. This is a three book bundle for you wonderful readers who have bought one of my stand alone titles and want to read more. These… Meer. Candy always loved Halloween. Bowl of Candy is the story about the year that she decided to hand out more than just candy corn and tootsie rolls… Meer. Santa hasn't given Mrs.

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Claus what she really wants for Christmas in centuries. But, with the arrival of the happiness elves… Meer. Alfred hates his job, hates his coworkers, hates his life. He's a dumpy techno geek who's actively developing a drinking problem… Meer. Two good cops, an alley full of gang members, a shooting, and a change in their partnership so profound they can never go back to… Meer. The story of a young lawyer who has had a very long day and just wants to take a quick trip through the steam room.

He's feeling… Meer.

The Trixxx and Treats bundle is a Halloween themed bundle of three sexy books totaling over 28, words of costumed… Meer. This is a four book bundle with over 34, words.

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They're a variety of subject matter and characters so there's a little… Meer. A trip to the costume shop to prepare for Halloween turns into a raunchy threesome featuring a cop, a prisoner, and a schoolgirl… Meer. The story features around a group… Meer.

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Two vanilla tales of Christmas naughtiness but there's nothing tame about them. Sex toys, gangbangs, and Santa like you've never… Meer. Trent and Brendan are two stoners on their way back from a weekend in the desert when they discover something that potheads only… Meer. Michelle has worked like a demon for the last three months to get into shape to wear a special costume she ordered for Halloween… Meer.

Sarah is a blog contributor and a stay at home mother of four. Her 10 year old girl, two boys ages 8 and 6, and 4 year old girl keep her on her toes. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, gardening, scrapbooking, sewing, crafting, fishing, camping, rollerblading and volleyball. I would make the cupcake pops form my sons class!

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My son is obsessed with robots and he would get such a huge kick out of them! I would love to try to make soccer ball cake pops for my kids soccer parties this season. I also love the cucpcake cake pops from the cover of the book. I like the pigs! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway! Reneewalters3 yahoo. I would love to make the little Snowmen for my family. Fitting, right? Thanks for the giveaway!!

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I would love to try to make it. My daughters birthday is coming up so I would love to make the cupcake ones! Share Tweet Pin. Comments I would love to make pig ones because my son loves pigs!

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